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Michael Ciranni, M.D. Ph.D.

I believe in learning about people, not symptoms.
The better I know you, the more useful I become.
Your past affects how you perceive and react to the present.
Understanding your past helps,
     when that understanding lets you build a better future.

I believe in solving problems, not treating diagnoses.
Defining the problem is half our challenge.
Every problem can be approached from
multiple perspectives.
Not all problems can be solved by medication,
But medication can make some problems more manageable.

I believe in being a physician as well as a therapist.
Attending to the body as well as the mind,
Recognizing how illness can be shared between the two.
The body can sense problems before the mind understands them,
And can recognize the solution before the mind accepts it.

I believe in my own knowledge and experience,
The wisdom my clients share with me,
And the expertise of other professionals.
I believe in admitting what I do not know,
And in learning as a lifelong pursuit.

I believe it is my responsibility
                     to maintain compassion,
                                            contain anxiety,
                                                    and sustain hope.